Canthopexy plastic surgery

Canthopexy: Things you Need to Know

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Do your eyes make you look tired when you're not? One surgical solution may be to tighten the lower eyelids and raise...
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upper & lower blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty: All You Need to Know about upper & lower blepharoplasty

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UPPER & LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY Ageing is irreversible, causing loss of elasticity and stretching of skin. When...
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Facial Rejuvenation plastic surgery

Face Lifts & Facial Rejuvenation: 5 Things You Need to Know

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FACE LIFTS & FACIAL REJUVENATION With age, our faces become more gaunt, and our skin less plump, with boundaries...
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Neck lift Plastic Surgery

Neck lift : All You Need to Know About Neck lift Cosmetic Surgery

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Would you like more definition in your neckline? Are you concerned with wrinkling and 'banding' due to ageing, or do...
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Mid face lift Plastic Surgery

Mid face lift : All You Need to Know About Mid-Facelift (Cheek Lift)

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While most facelifts treat the sides of the face – in front of the ear and along the lower jaw – a mid-facelift...
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Brow Lift plastic Surgery

What is a Brow Lift? All You Need to Know About Brow Lift Surgery

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Your forehead and brows are key to your facial expression. When inner brows are contracted and lowered, you may appear...
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