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Mid face lift : All You Need to Know About Mid-Facelift (Cheek Lift)

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While most facelifts treat the sides of the face – in front of the ear and along the lower jaw – a mid-facelift treats the front, giving lifted, youthful cheek contours, rejuvenating the area below the eyelids and smoothing the junction between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

A true mid-facelift is most effectively done via incisions in the lower eyelid and behind the top lip and helps to reverse the earliest signs of aging (sagging cheeks) more effectively than your traditional facelift.

Your surgeon will discuss with you prior to surgery the best approach for you, such as using the lower eyelid route while doing a lower eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty. An alternative approach is to access the cheekbone via an incision in the mouth above the teeth. By carefully lifting the soft tissue, this can be elevated back to its original position over the cheekbone. The tissue is then held in place by a suspension or stitches. This procedure takes about an hour and a half, and results in beautifully restored facial contours.

Often combined with a traditional face and neck lift, this also works as a “stand-alone” procedure and is often seen as the first line of defence in the fight agains aging.