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Canthopexy: Things you Need to Know

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Do your eyes make you look tired when you’re not? One surgical solution may be to tighten the lower eyelids and raise the external corners of the eyes.

The procedure, known as Canthopexy, can be performed under local anesthetic, taking from one to three hours. In very lax eyelids, it may form part of a lower eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty. This raises the external corners of sagging eyes, and can partially correct asymmetry caused by facial paralysis. It will also tighten lax lower eyelids and correct eversion (rounding of the lower eyelid). If you feel your eyes are too rounded due to hyperthyroidism or other factors, the surgery can create a more almond shape.

During Surgery: To raise the corners of your eyes the surgeon will make an incision on the upper eyelid that follows the line of the horizontal folds of the eye. It is an ideal complement to blepharoplasty, using the same incisions, and can refresh and rejuvenate the look of your eyes.